SMARTRISE ENGINEERING Hall Network : Quantity 2 pcs

Quantity 2 ,Two SR-1000 Hall Network Boards   (77 months warranty)

Hall Board turns any button, lamp or key switch into a networked device. All Hall Boards connect to the machine room via a shared 4-wire network or Cat5. Network provides communication plus power for boards and devices. Call buttons and other devices are wired locally to Hall Board at floor. Cat5 connection plug-ins between hall boards to ease installation. Application: Serial Connection to Hall Fixtures Serialized Components: Access Top and Bottom Switch, Fire Switch, Hall Buttons and Lanterns, and medical service. ( Connects directly to the SRU Board: Universal Board )  MCE , GAL Galaxy , Swift CEC ,SmartRise , Virginia Controls , Elevator Controls Prodigy



SMARTRISE ENGINEERING  Hall Network : Quantity 2 pcs
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  • Item #: SR-1000
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