LC-6 Concentrate up to Six (6) Phones , Complying ASME A17.1

Concentrate up to Six Emergency Phones and Comply with ASME A17.1 Elevator Code

The LC-6 Line Concentrator eliminates the monthly
charges for a dedicated line to each elevator. The LC-6 is
designed to be used with the KING PH / Dialink  Elevator
Phones. Up to six of these emergency phones can communicate
with authorized personnel on 3 other phones within a
building, or add a telephone line to allow communication
outside the building. A call initiated by an emergency phone
can dial internally, externally, or both. Any other phones that
are activated will be bridged with authorized personnel, thus fulfilling ASME A17.1 requirements.
All telephone line inbound calls are answered by the LC-6.
A touch tone command will route the call to any of the phone ports.

If no command is detected within 4 seconds, the call will be routed to the last emergency
phone that was used. This allows emergency personnel to easily call back to the same phone.
Connections include a Fire Floor phone, a Machine Room phone and a Lobby phone.

Per ASME A17.1 requirements, the LC-6 can verify the operability of the telephone line on a daily basis
and with the optional model LV-1K line verification alarm panel, can display an “Elevator Communications Failure”.

Note: Per ASME A17.1 requirements, the LC-6 must be used with a battery
backup (UPS) capable of keeping the LC-6 running for up to 4 hours.



• Connects up to (6) emergency phones
• Communicate with local and remote authorized personnel
• Automatic answering of inbound calls
• Touch Tone transferring
• Separate Fire Floor phone port
• Machine Room phone and Lobby phone ports
• Accommodates the re-dialing feature of the KING PH / Dialink phones
• Programmable daily line verification check


• Elevator phones
• Emergency phones
• Area-of-Refuge phones
• Courtesy phones



Power: 120V AC/13.8V AC UL listed adapter provided
Shipping Weight: 1.5 kg (3.2 lbs.)
Environmental: 0 C to 32 C (32 F to 90 F) with 5% to 95% noncondensing humidity
Maximum LV-1K Wire Length: 610m (2000 ft) with #24 gauge wire
Battery Backup: Greater than 4 hours when using TRIPP-LITE
model INTERNET550U (not included)
Connections: 25 screw terminal block positions


replace Viking electronics

LSD-2 Smart Line Sharing Device w/ Inbound Switching Capability.
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